Quality identification of closed rive

Closed blind rivets and rivet mandrel is allowed loose shell phenomenon ! Light is defective , a severe waste ! The reason: the riveting hole provided placed blind rivets , riveting process when the mandrel twitching , rivet mandrel head shell because so Rivetedconstruction enlargement to clench riveted body , mandrel break. 1. After clench allowed Rivetedconstruction cracking phenomenon. 2. not allow the mandrel with exposed fracture phenomena and so on . Loosening is riveting body and mandrel with the issue . When Rivetedconstruction in the final process , the housing reserved for the hole is too big . Country insufficient pressure or rivet shell has stolen and mold problems caused by other reasons . Will result in : 1. riveting is not tight, because Rivetedconstruction expansion is not big enough . 2. riveting mandrel with exposed phenomenon. 3. riveting rivet mandrel shell slightly expanded or extracted directly , can not be riveting .

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