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After graduating from technical secondary school, I join the migrant workers, locate in a small outlets processing window, a monthly salary of 300 RMB, the first three months as an apprentice, after 3 months see whether retention performance. I really treasure this hard-won work, conscientiously follow the master craftsmanship, hard work, the degree of putting technology to study the skilled freely soon. After 3 months, I successfully passed the probation period, wages rose to 400 RMB.

Soon, the teacher have a home in the home, staring at me day and night, a person two or three people work. One day, I to a client installed Windows and materials with less, to finally sent a screw. Went back for it, way too far, just his house there is a few doors down to do, I said two days with the door to the customer when put the screw up, by the way, the customer agreed. Can not think of, the second day, I encountered a lot of work since the first time, the boss fired me. I asked why, the boss said the teacher came back, hands enough. I know this is just an excuse, will no longer ask more, left sadly.

For days, the job also have no. One night, I lay in bed thinking of work last time, the in the mind very afflictive. Suddenly reminded you installed Windows for the customer is a screw, the screw without loading there is a danger. "You have now left there, something was wrong and what's your relationship?" I comforted myself. But I want to want to always feel so wrong, I promised the somebody else can't cheat somebody else! How can I get there? Remind the boss let him go? I really don't want to talk with them. Because, the other day I know the real reason that the boss fired me, afraid I top of his position, master made secretly I take private work... I blame the teacher narrow-minded, more hatred boss confused, so don't want to be with him,"Or to find a way to calculate, anyway, that is, a screw." I made up my mind to find an acquaintance borrowed tools, came to the customer. Come see me, the customer very happy.

I went into the house, with a few minutes casual wear well, and then to the customer said: "big ye, go to the outlets, with something else later I am not there." Then I turned and want to go. The old man had to leave me to sit for a while, give me water, and fruit warmly. Kindness with insistent, I then sat down. Old man spoke first, say to me: "little master, the other day I went looking for you, they said that you go away, I will let them come to me with a screw, but they always push to take off, the attitude is not good...... you are very dependable, left there, still remember didn't finished the work, I admire you.Found a job yet? "The old man asked. I sighed and shook his head." Uncle what sorrow, introduce you to a place, you will go to work tomorrow. "Say that finish, uncle picked up the phone... on the third day, I will to a large Windows and doors factory as a mechanic, a monthly salary of more than one thousand. After the way Smooth sailing, a year later I became a master, then the branch manager, until their own business.

Until today, this work experience has been engraved on my mind, because of the "honest" screws gave me the entrepreneurial opportunity, also changed my life.

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