Missing a nail,Lost a country!

Missing a nail, broken a shoe; Broken a shoe, fold a horse; Off a horse, hurt a knight; Hurt a knight, lost a battle; Lost a battle, Lose an empire

King Richard iii and his rival, Richmond, Sir Henry to do or die, the fighting will decide who ruled England.

On the morning of the battle, Richard sent a groom to ready your favorite horse.

"Hurry up and give it a shod," the groom said to the blacksmith, "the king want to ride it lead."

"You have to wait," Smith replied, "I a few days ago to the king and all the army horse nail. Now I have to find some iron."

"I can't wait." Hostler called ?"The king of the enemy is moving forward, we must fight any enemy soldiers on the battlefield, is there anything you can use what it."

Blacksmith toiling, from an iron bar under four horseshoe, smashing them flat, plastic, fixed on the hoof, and then start a nail. Nail the three palm, he found that no nails to fourth in the.

"I need one or two nails," he said, "will take some time to hit the two of them."

"I told you I can't wait," the groom said urgently. "I heard the bugle, can you do?"

"I can get on horseshoe nail, but does not like several other then sturdiness."

"Can hang live?" The groom asked.

"Should" ,Smith replied, "but I'm not sure."

Both sides began to war, king Richard take the lead, push against the enemy soldiers. "Go, go!" He cried, led the troops into battle. From a distance, he saw another battle in the first few soldiers retreated. If others see them, will be back, so Richard rides are always rushed into the gap, call back fighting soldiers.

He didn't go to a half, a horseshoe out, horses in a fall, Richard also was pulled to the ground.

The king not to seize the REINS, frightened animals fled jumped up. Richard looked around, his soldiers have turned to retreat, surrounded by the enemy troops.

His sword waving in the air, "horse!" He cried, "A horse, my country capsized because it a horse."

From then on, people would say:

Missing a nail,

Lost a horseshoe;

Less a horseshoe,

Lost a horse;

Without a horse,

Lost a battle;

Lost a battle,

Lost a country.

All losses because of a horseshoe nail.

The famous legend from the late British king Richard iii had historical facts, he was defeated at the battle of Persia in 1485. And Shakespeare's sentence: "horse, horse, a horse lost himself." Always keep this campaign carried annals, but also tells us a truth, even if it is just a little a nail, brought a great danger.

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